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In 1984 an entry level digital reverb was released that would go on to have a profound impact on modern music. Finding a home in nearly every high-end studio over the past 30 years, the original PCM-60 became synonymous with tight and punchy 80s reverb.

We’ve taken the soul and character of this iconic hardware reverb and brought it into the 21st century with advanced DSP and modern workflow enhancements.

Introducing Pulse – A modern take on the classic PCM sound.

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Whether you want to recreate every nuance of the original hardware or take this iconic sound to new and unchartered territory, Pulse allows you to easily with it’s clear and concise interface.

Iconic PCM Reverb
PCM refers to Pulse Code Modulation, the technology introduced in the early 80s that would go on to become the primary method for processing digital audio. Over the years this technology would improve considerably, but in 1984 it was considered now what we would label Lo-fi, Grainy or Unrealistic. This was in stark contrast to the Plates and Springs of the 1960s which sounded Organic, Natural and Clean.

However, fast forward nearly 40 years and it is exactly these characteristics that make this reverb so desirable again today. Its sound is characterful, punchy and unmistakable.

The original unit was limited in features and was often used as a send on a mixing console where EQ, Compression and other studio processing could be used to enhance it further. With Pulse, we’ve not only implemented custom DSP and tone shaping controls to bring this classic into the modern era, but we’ve done so in a way that makes it effortless and easy to dial in – whether you’re a producer looking for professional results quickly, or a songwriter just getting started in engineering your own vocals…

The initial portion of a sound is often the loudest, this is called the transient. loud transients can cause Reverb to sound thin or weak because the sustain portion, or tail, of the sound is much quieter.

Pulse’s Shape parameter solves this problem by intelligently lowering the transient volume to make the Reverb signal lusher, thicker and darker in tone, all without changing the original dry signal or needing unnecessary sends with additional processors like traditional reverbs.

Our custom tuned Flux control was developed on our years of experience using hardware reverbs. One of the most important elements that all great reverbs have in common is the sense of space and movement they create.

Flux creates this same behaviour and sonic depth through clever level-dependant filtering and creative under-the-hood modulation. Used subtly it can add a gentle sense of 3D movement and depth. At extreme levels you can explore totally new worlds of lush chorus-like modulation and lo-fi textures.

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