Taiko Drums with Yoko Nakahashi WAV

Taiko Drums with Yoko Nakahashi | 115.00 MB

A taiko drumming performance is perhaps one of the most impressive live audio experiences in the world. The sheer might of these traditional Japanese instruments is undeniable: as the players rumble out intricate rhythms, the listener can easily visualize thunder rolling straight into the room.

We had the honor of recording international Osuwa Daiko drummer, instructor, and composer Yoko Nakahashi, at the gorgeous Taiko Masala studio in Brooklyn, NY. As the stove-fire crackled, Yoko and a few friends introduced us to their custom-built taiko. This pack includes several shapes and sizes, from the enormous o-daiko to the piercing shime-daiko. Captured using a C414 stereo pair, an SM7b, and an MKE600 shotgun, these sounds have been carefully processed to preserve each instrument’s distinct character while approximating the mystery of the taiko’s raw sonic power.

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