LØSTLVLS Preset + Sample Pack Sonic Charge for Synplant 2

LØSTLVLS Preset + Sample Pack Sonic Charge | 284.00 MB

Download LØSTLVLS Preset + Sample Pack Sonic Charge

Synplant 2 from Sonic Charge has taken over my life, and I’m happy to share with you a bunch of presets, samples and sample chains documenting my work over the last few days!

This pack comes with 208 Synplant Use Presets, organised into their respective folders – Bass Drums (BD), Snare Drums (SD), Claps (CP), Hi-Hats (HH), Cymbals (CY) and Percussion (PC). Then there’s BASS (created from synths such as Monark, DIVA and the Access Virus), WAVE (a collection of single-note sounds such as piano and sawtooth), CHORD, PAD, DRONE (hold down the keys) FX (the weird stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else) and RHYTHM (which were generated with electronic dance and break loops). There are 208 presets in total – loads of bread-and-butter sounds such as those based on the Roland TR-808 and TR- 909, as well as a bunch of drum hits, synths, keyboards and much more, all initially created with the Genopatch function.

Then there are the sampled One-Shots, which are encoded in both 24-bit/48kHz for maximum resolution. These are sampled versions of the presets above, which do not require the Synplant software to use, only a sampler into which to load them. As with the presets, these samples are split into their respective folders, with 16 of each type. Each individual sound has been uniquely tweaked with dynamic EQ’ing and careful limiting they sound really full and alive right out of the box, but allowing enough headroom for further processing down the line.

There are also 10 sample chains presented in the Sample Chains (24-Bit 44.1kHz) folder are accompanied by .ot files, which are essentially tiny data files which the Elektron Octatrack uses to apply slice points to each chain, allowing Octatrack users to get stuck in with a minimum of fuss. As the name of the folder suggests, these Sample Chain files are all encoded in 24-bit/44.1kHz to maximise compatibility with the Elektron Octatrack, however they can be used on any sampler which allows the user to slice up samples, such as the Elektron Octatrack, Akai MPCs, Roland TR-8S/TR-6S, Native Instruments Maschine, 1010 Music Blackbox, Pioneer Toraiz SP-16, Isla Instruments S2400 and many more. They also work very nicely in software samplers such as Simpler or Sampler built into Ableton Live, and EXS24 built into Logic.

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