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Loopmasters Soul Funk Deep House | 395.00 MB

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Experience a breakthrough with Loopmasters as we proudly introduce Soul Funk Deep House by the renowned Andy Lee! With an unwavering passion for all things house music, Andy consistently crafts groundbreaking compositions that push the boundaries of house production. This pack is a testament to his creative vision, offering a collection of innovative, high-quality samples that will effortlessly fill your deep house tracks with soulful funk.

Within Soul Funk Deep House, you’ll encounter an extensive selection of synth basslines and bass guitars, serving as the bedrock for your track’s foundation. Complementing these elements, you’ll find a diverse assortment of drum kits designed to seamlessly accompany those basslines. And for those seeking an even greater rhythmic intricacy, Andy has included a variety of percussion options, including lively claps and vibrant congas.

Soul Funk Deep House delivers an impressive amount of melodic content that surpasses all expectations. Overflowing with a rich variety of instruments, including electric guitars, electric pianos, organs, clavinets, various keyboards, mallets, saxophones, strings, lead synthesizers, arpeggiated synthesizers, pads, and synthesized stabs—each contributing to a symphony of sonic possibilities. And to add that final flourish, both female and male vocal samples are also available for instant use. All loops harmoniously synchronize at a steady tempo of 125 BPM, a hallmark of house music and its diverse subgenres, including the captivating realm of deep house.

In detail expect to find 542 MB of 24Bit 44.1KHZ WAVs – 49 Drum Loops, 46 Top Drum Loops, 34 Keys Loops, 28 Bass Guitar Loops, 18 Vocal Loops, 16 Synth Loops, 12 Guitar Loops, 11 Synth Bass Loops, 7 String Loops, 2 Mallet Loops, 2 Saxophone Loops, 39 Perc Hits, 24 Drum Hits, 10 Bass Hits, 8 Keys Hits and 5 Guitar Hits.

Soul Funk Deep House as a whole creates an enjoyable and lively assortment that showcases the enduring presence and relevance of funky house music. It remains vibrant and pertinent today as it was in previous years, with a strong likelihood of maintaining its significance for years to come.

This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready. More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here:

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Product Details:

• 542 MB
• 24Bit 44.1KHZ
• 49 Drum Loops
• 46 Top Drum Loops
• 34 Keys Loops
• 28 Bass Guitar Loops
• 18 Vocal Loops
• 16 Synth Loops
• 12 Guitar Loops
• 11 Synth Bass Loops
• 7 String Loops
• 2 Mallet Loops
• 2 Saxophone Loops
• 39 Perc Hits
• 24 Drum Hits
• 10 Bass Hits
• 8 Keys Hits
• 5 Guitar Hits

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