A.O.M. TOTAL Bundle v1.16.2 (Generic and AVX2) vst3

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From compressors to limiters and de-essers to Axis Transformation Panner and Stereo image manipulator, dither and utility.
A.O M. total bundle offers what you need to mix and master.

Change log:

Version 1.16.2 (2023-04-17)

New Features
[Wave Shredder] Add low-pass filter.
[Wave Shredder] Add waveform display.
[Wave Shredder] Update GUI with Hi-DPI images.
[All Plugins] Unexpected undo trigger after pressing redo button. This bug was introduced in version 1.16.1. – fixed
[All Plugins] Remove undo history erasure step during exporting. This behavior was introduced in version 1.15.6 as symptomatic fix for another problem. Root cause has been fixed in current version, thus this symptomatic fix became unnecessary.

2 versions included separately: AVX2 and generic:

Maximum interoperability, baseline performance (higher CPU load). Runs on almost all Windows PC.
Higher performance (lower CPU load), moderate interoperability. Runs on Intel CPUs (Haswell and later) and AMD CPUs (Excavator and later). Note that this variant will not run on some lowend netbooks, lowend mini PCs.

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