Black Salt Audio Reviver v1.0.2 WiN

Black Salt Audio Reviver v1.0.2 | 7.00 MB

Instantly Add Impact, Punch & Definition To Any Mix
Introducing Reviver, the ultimate sound enhancement plugin for mixing and mastering engineers. With its versatile features and finely tuned processes, Reviver is the perfect tool to add warmth, punch, and definition to your sound.

Choose Your Aesthetic
By providing both light and dark modes, Reviver caters to your preference and environment. Ultimately, we want to give you the most versatile and convenient user experience possible.


Crystal Clear Multiband Splitter
Reviver’s flat summing multiband splitter
efficiently splits the frequency spectrum into Low,
Mid, and High bands. Each band is treated
independently with finely calibrated detection
circuits and processes that are perfectly designed
for their frequency range.

Energy & Punch For Your Transients
Reviver’s dynamic Low band provides punch and
thump to drums and bass, while maintaining the
source material’s integrity. The Mid and High-
Frequency band contains two dynamic, variable
transient shaper algorithms. These introduce
attack, punch, and tightness without losing the
original character of the sound.

Harmonics For Added Warmth
Reviver’s optional harmonic processing includes
three different even saturation algorithms to add
presence and warmth to any sound material. This
harmonic saturation is designed to enhance the
tonal quality of the source material without
introducing unwanted distortion or noise.


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How To Download - Tutorial