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Your Entryway Into A New Level Of Spatial Perception
Elevate your stereo mix with EXOVERB MICRO’s realistic and spacious reverb. This compact audio plugin packs a punch, powered by the same proprietary reverb engine as its bigger brother, EXOVERB. Choose from 8 expertly crafted acoustic scenes for a truly authentic sound in modern audio production. Streamline your mixing process with the intuitive triangle pad to perfectly balance late reverberation, early reflections, and dry signals.

Though spatial audio technologies offer new perspectives on sound and the listener’s immersion, it is often overlooked that Stereo can produce an immersive sound field with realistic depth, too – if done right. With Dear Reality’s proprietary reverb engine, Dear Reality unlocked this capability by applying the fundamentals of their well-known spatial audio technology to stereo reverb plugins.

EXOVERB MICRO incorporates the fundamentals of spatial hearing and enables the same enhanced spatial distance perception known from its bigger brother, EXOVERB. They developed each acoustic scene using their proprietary software and extensive experience in immersive audio to create multiple synthesized IRs based on a wide range of room parameters. The results are true-to-life sounding reverbs with three-dimensional depth perception on all playback systems – both speakers and headphones.

Enhanced Spatial Perception
Enjoy true-to-life sounding reverbs with a three-dimensional sound stage on speakers and headphones. EXOVERB MICRO relies on EXOVERB’s most-loved acoustic scenarios from four categories: Ambiences, Rooms, Halls, and Plates.

Triangle Pad
EXOVERB MICRO’s triangle pad lets you easily create the perfect blend of reverb, early reflections, and dry signal. Define the ratio of the early reflections and the late reverb on the x-axis. The y-axis defines the level of EXOVERB MICRO – Feature 1 your dry and wet signal.

Direct Control
EXOVERB MICRO follows Dear Reality’s easy-to-use approach, providing direct access to commonly used functionalities like Pre-Delay and Decay

· MOST NATURAL ACOUSTIC SCENES – Choose from EXOVERB’s 8 most-loved ambiences, rooms, halls, and plates
· SPATIAL-FUELED STEREO PROCESSING – Enhanced spatial perception, based on fundamentals of spatial hearing
· UNIQUE TRIANGLE PAD – Control the dry/wet signal plus early/late ratio at the same time to easily create just the perfect reverb sound for your tracks
· PRE-DELAY – Control the perceived distance of your audio signal up to 500ms
· DECAY VALUE – Adjust the decay time (up to 150% or down to 50%)
· METERING – Monitor and adjust your in- and output level
· RESIZABLE UI – Scale the size of the plugin UI with your mouse


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