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MPC Expansion: TRAP EMPIRE – 89 Stabs & Basses for Trap & Grime à la 2 Chainz & Night Lovell
Tuned cars, naughty basses and the middle finger at the ready… we totally admit: For this soundbank, we were inspired by the YouTube channel of the Gangster Gang crew. Their sound is simply the best that Trap and Grime have to offer in 2022. And 4.5 million followers can’t lie. Let more than 2 GB basses, synths, brass stabs and acoustic instruments guide you to new, atmospheric tracks.

The vocals in the demo song are (c) by natjamesworld.com and not contained in the pack.


1,04 GB Samples (optimised for MPCs)
89 Keygroup Programs
35 Basses
15 Guitars & Instrumente
32 Synths & Leads
7 Pads
445 Samples
Audiodemos pro Keygroup
Compatible with Akai MPC One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, Studio, Touch, Renaissance, Key 61, MPC Software & MPC Beats

BS Addendum
BS Bazz Stringz
BS Big Section
BS Bottom Feeder
BS Bummer
BS C-Bass Legato
BS Chorus Bass
BS Classic Speck
BS Electro-dot-org
BS Flip Flop
BS Funk Off
BS Funkytown
BS Heart Flutter
BS Horrorist
BS House Buster
BS In Effect
BS Jazzy
BS Junautica
BS Lowender
BS Mighty Sub
BS Mother Of Bass
BS Orbital
BS Overdone
BS Plack
BS Radias Ring Bass
BS Radias Trance
BS Reesig
BS Soundwaves
BS Square Bass
BS Staccato Trap
BS Strong Waves
BS Sub Down Low
BS Substandard
BS Triple Saw
BS Video Bass
GT Acoustic Guitar
GT Kayageum
GT Quartertone Guitar
IN Bells
IN English Horn
IN Ethnica
IN French Horn I
IN French Horn II
IN Harp
KY Bedtime Bells
KY Double Harp
KY Ethno Band
KY Layered Mallets
KY Multi-Piano
KY Organized
LD Asian Touch
LD Ballet Fusion
LD Brass Drop
LD Calling Moon
LD Detuned
LD Fanbrasstic
LD Mallet
LD Pandemonium
LD Shami Zen
LD Shorty
LD Smurfy
LD Soft Egg
LD The Flute
LD Under Water
PD Basement Strings
PD Black Glass
PD Black Noise
PD Dark Horns
PD Endless Malletts
PD Knistersinn
PD Widerness
SY Belly Beast
SY Brass Maniac
SY Digital Harp
SY Dreamers Choice
SY Frequential
SY Gamelan
SY Harp Insects
SY Hyperborea
SY Ice Bucket
SY Illness
SY Japanator
SY Luxembourg
SY Malletius
SY Organ Nick
SY Painless
SY Peace Mallet
SY Release Me
SY Synth Pick


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