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Zenhiser Lofi Hip Hop 2 WAV

Zenhiser Lofi Hip Hop 2 | 1.55 GB

Second instalment, twice as seductive. ‘Lofi Hip Hop 2’ moves into new territory and does it with absolute style and class. Think of this sound pack as a tailored suit with crisp sneakers and retro braces. It has all the hallmarks of the Lofi Hip Hop sound but the balance of grace, finess and emotive prowess makes it stand out from the rest.

From the word go you’re dazzled with organic melodies, smooth sounds, vintage flair and extreme attention to detail. This connection of such important attributes forges a Lofi Hip Hop sound pack that will stand the test of time. The core of the collection is comprised of samples created using kalimbas, nylon string acoustic guitars and a range of Fender guitars too.

By adding these natural sounds to the Lofi bowl mix, you’re left with a cake that tastes nothing like anything you’ve wrapped your lips round before. Get where we’re going with this. To get to the point, ‘Lofi Hip Hop 2’ is truly unique, its ideally constructed for Lofi Hip Hop, Chillhop and Downtempo, crammed full of nearly 4GB of delectable content, layered with organic percussion, field recordings and intriguing resampling techniques. It’s mastered to absolute perfection and suited to producers with a penchant for labels like Lofi Records (Lofi Girl), Chillhop Music & Brainfeeder.

You should have to fight and fight hard to attract packs like this but here at Zenhiser we love our extended family, so we’re offering it to you on a silver platter. Now don’t be rude, give the preview a taste and thank your hosts kindly. Oh, and….. you’re welcome!

•Song Starter / Stem Songs x5
•Includes basslines, drums, instruments, plucks, pads, foley – 65
•Drum Hits – 01 Kick – 25
•Drum Hits – 02 Hi Hat – 25
•Drum Hits – 03 Snare – 14
•Drum Hits – 04 Clap – 11
•Drum Hits – 05 Percussion – 25
•Loops – Bassline – 25
•Loops – Drum Beat – 75
•Loops – Foley – 11
•Loops – Full Mix – 25
•Loops – FX – 16
•Loops – Instrument – 35
•Loops – Synth – 82
•One Shots – Bass – 25
•One Shots – FX – 50
•One Shots – Synth & Instrument – 25

Tempo – 70bpm – 130bpm
Key Info – Yes
Audio – 24-Bit Wav

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