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W.A. Production Biggifier | 10.7 MB

BIGGIFIER by Aden is a powerful one-knob that delivers an instant and addictive shot to the metaphorical arm of any sound. Jack up that wimpy kick, beef up the faintest of vocals and juice any flaccid sample into a BIG, fat, room-filling sound. Don’t be afraid to keep cranking up that knob until you hit maximum Bigness. The fact that it’s so insanely simple and quick to use and the quality of the output so high, across a range of modes, makes this a must have tool for both the most seasoned producers out there, as well as those just starting to explore sound design and production.

Designed by artist, songwriter and producer Jonas Aden in conjunction with WA Production, the BIGGIFIER has been a long-time coming. Having released records on labels including Spinnin, Musical Freedom, Hexagon, Heldeep and STMPD, Jonas has also fine-tuned his production skills across a slew of stellar collaborations with Brooks, Mesto and Mike Williams and remixes for Katy Perry, Zedd, Tiesto, Jonas Blue and Rita Ora. All the while, behind the scenes, Jonas’ co-writing and production credits include industry titans Martin Garrix, Alan Walker & ASAP Rocky.

Not content with just becoming a revered artist and seasoned producer in his own right, for years, Jonas has made it his mission to provide as much help and support to the wider music community as possible. As well as giving away his signature sample packs as free downloads on his website, and creating over 70 in-depth production tutorial videos on his YouTube channel, last year Jonas also gave away $10,000 of his own money to support two upcoming producers as part of the inaugural Aden Award.  Needless to say, Jonas has earned the respect and trust of music producers across the globe – a claim that is backed up by immense stats with over 30 million views and nearing 2 million hours of watchtime on his YouTube channel; hundreds of thousands of subscribers and followers across his social media channels and of course many many millions of streams across his music catalogue of releases, co-writes and productions.

Since first discovering music as a young boy, Jonas has worked with music production software almost every-single day of his life. It follows that it has been a long-held dream of Jonas’ to release his very own signature plugin. And so when the concept materialised in Jonas’ mind late one winter’s evening last year, Jonas engaged the team at WA Production to help him bring it to life.

  • Designed by JONAS ADEN
  • Artist curated bespoke FX chains
  • 5 distinct BIGGIFIER modes with Length control
  • Focus on easy operation
  • Adjustable input and output gain
  • Responsive & CPU friendly 
  • Factory presets
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video


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How To Download - Tutorial