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Soul music—an African-American invention of the 1950s and ‘60s—became famous for its funky grooves, bluesy inflection, catchy vocal melodies, and a generally positive, upbeat vibe.

Nearly every conceivable chord progression, outside the limits of jazz, has appeared within the long history of rock music.

There is something very human in soul music, something powerful and connecting.

Soul uses a fairly even mix of triads and seventh chords, sometimes intermingling and sometimes remaining with their own kind.

In both major and minor keys, the full range of diatonic chords (except the diminished chord) are commonly used.

In major keys, the iii chord is particularly common when compared to almost all other genres.

This chord is sometimes felt as the darkest of the three minor diatonic triads due to its relationship with the rest of the scale.

In minor keys, the 5th degree is played as a minor chord as often as it is played major ( v vs V ).

The minor version will feel more dark and passive, while the major is more dramatic and tense.

Soul features a fairly even mix of short (2 to 4 chord) progressions and long (5 to 8 chord) progressions.

We’ve included them all for you in the Unison Soul MIDI Chord Collection.

You can use the Unison MIDI Chord Collection with…

Chords to create the structure and foundation for your tracks.
Pads to add movement and complexity to the rest of your composition.
Basslines to define a new level of refinement to your bass progressions.
Leads to hit all the right notes and emotional tones.
Arpeggios to brighten up the song and add those extra finishing touches.

On top of that, the Unison MIDI Chord Collection will help you…

Eliminate the need to spend years learning music theory by having all the chords & progressions you need.
Have an instant, perfect-sounding foundation for your tracks to start & finish them quickly.
Get instant inspiration from the new chords & progressions available to you.
Go beyond basic chords with complex chords & progressions so your music can stand out.
Skyrocket your progress as a producer by finishing more tracks than ever.

Plus, as a special bonus you also get a walkthrough PDF to show you how to best use the pack and how to write melodies on top of the chords & progressions.

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