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Acoustic Inspiration
Just how many classic hit songs have started life inspired by a killer acoustic guitar part? Folk Pop Guitar is packed with a diverse collection of those song starters. The library is full to the brim with strummed and picked acoustic guitar performances that will trigger your next folk, pop, country, or rock singer-songwriter production. Release as part of our Elastik-based Instrument series, it provides the perfect acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Chord-Based Performances
The library features 35 performance-based folders and contains 4.4GB of sample data, spanning nearly 1000 loops and phrases in total. Each of the main folders focuses on a specific musical idea of up to 24 seconds in length. Folder titles specify the original key and tempo, with tempos spanning 60 to 124 BPM. Both tempo and key can be adjusted within Elastik to suit the needs of your project.

Mic And DI Options For Mix Flexibility
Within each folder, four sub-folders – Main, Picked, Chords, Outro – provide different performance styles for the underlying musical idea. The Main sub-folder provides the full musical idea played rhythmically, while the Picked and Chords sub-folders provide the same underlying chord sequence with picked patterns and simpler static chords respectively. In all cases, the parts have been recorded using both of Mic and DI, without reverb or delay. Every performance consists of three guitar recordings so that each sub-folder therefore contains 7 loops:

1- Mix version combining both Mic and DI
2- Mic-only mix
3- Middle guitar Mic
4- Left/right guitars Mic
5- DI-only mix
6- Middle guitar DI
7- Left/right guitars DI

The left/right guitars (4 and 7) are combined into one stereo loop but panned hard left and hard right so you can separate them if needed. Combined with the dedicated Outro sub-folder, the performance and recording variations give you maximum flexibility for both song arrangement and when mixing.

Ideal For Song Construction
Folk Pop Guitar makes a great complement to other Elastik titles such as Acoustic Guitar 1 and 2, Country Loops, Pedal Steel and Resonator Guitar. Whether it’s Pop, Folk, Rock or Country, there is a song waiting to be inspired by every one of the library’s musical ideas. It’s crammed with song starters that songwriters, producers, or media composers will love to explore. Just let the words and melodies flow as your next song comes to life.

All guitars played by Kai Reuter


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