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Udemy Logic Pro 101 Learn To Produce In A Matter Of Hours | 1.48 GB

Go from complete novice to a bonafide Logic Pro producer in a matter of hours!

What you’ll learn
Learn how to set up and create a session in Logic Pro
Manage a full recording session
Create and edit MIDI using built-in tools and instruments
Edit a full project, including using MIDI and Flex tools
Automate projects, including automating MIDI
Mix a full project, and gain a basic understanding of common plugins used in mixing
Master a full project, and gain a basic understanding of common tools used in mastering
Export a finished project, stems for a mixing engineer, and tracks for a mastering engineer

No prior knowledge required. Logic Pro software required for those that want to use the tools they learn.

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to get started recording, editing, and mixing projects in Logic Pro!We’ll start by covering the overall user interface of the software, allowing you to get a complete understanding of how to navigate the software, and setting the groundwork for the tools that you’ll learn later. Then, we’ll dive into recording and editing, covering both audio and MIDI, ensuring that you know everything you need to get your ideas down in Logic and start making actual music. After that, we’ll move onto the mixing and mastering phases of music production, which will help you bring your original ideas from just ideas, to fully polished, professional-sounding music. We’ll even cover more advanced tools, like automation, and the new beat-creation tools that Logic Pro has to offer.Oh, and did I mention that you’ll learn all of this in under three hours? Sure, there are plenty of courses over there that can give you an in-depth look at every single tool on offer by Logic Pro, but in this particular course, we’re focusing on the main tools that every Logic Pro producer needs to create great-sounding music. Who said learning how to produce music had to take days?

Section 1: Creating a Session in Logic Pro

Lecture 1 Introduction to This Section

Lecture 2 The ‘Choose a Project’ Wizard

Lecture 3 Creating a New Track

Lecture 4 Sample Rate and Bit Depth

Lecture 5 Saving and Summary

Section 2: Overview of the Logic Pro Interface

Lecture 6 Introduction to This Section

Lecture 7 The Control Bar

Lecture 8 Editing Tools and Mouse Tools

Lecture 9 The Workspace

Lecture 10 Summary

Section 3: Recording in Logic Pro

Lecture 11 Introduction to This Section

Lecture 12 Connecting Your Audio Interface

Lecture 13 An Overview of Microphones

Lecture 14 I/O and Monitoring

Lecture 15 Recording

Lecture 16 Punching and Replacing

Lecture 17 Using Takes

Lecture 18 Summary

Section 4: Using MIDI in Logic Pro

Lecture 19 Introduction to This Section

Lecture 20 Connecting a MIDI Controller to Logic Pro

Lecture 21 Software Instruments

Lecture 22 Recording MIDI

Lecture 23 Using the Piano Roll Editor

Lecture 24 Quantizing MIDI

Lecture 25 Editing MIDI Information

Lecture 26 The Score Editor

Lecture 27 Using An External MIDI Device

Lecture 28 The Step Sequencer

Lecture 29 Summary

Section 5: Editing in Logic Pro

Lecture 30 Introduction to This Section

Lecture 31 Organizing Your Session For Editing

Lecture 32 Comping

Lecture 33 Basic Editing Tools

Lecture 34 Flex Time and Flex Pitch

Lecture 35 Replacing Drums

Lecture 36 Basic MIDI Editing

Lecture 37 Summary

Section 6: Mixing in Logic Pro

Lecture 38 Introduction to This Section

Lecture 39 Overview of the Mix Window

Lecture 40 Creating Sub Mixes

Lecture 41 Levels, Panning, EQ, and Compression

Lecture 42 Using Busses

Lecture 43 Reverb and Delay

Lecture 44 Parallel Processing

Lecture 45 Summary

Section 7: 7. Automation in Logic Pro

Lecture 46 Introduction to This Section

Lecture 47 Getting Started With Automation

Lecture 48 Different Types of Automation

Lecture 49 What Else Can You Automate?

Lecture 50 Drawing Automation

Lecture 51 Automating MIDI

Lecture 52 Summary

Section 8: 8. Mastering in Logic Pro

Lecture 53 Introduction to This Section

Lecture 54 Getting Set Up For Mastering

Lecture 55 Logic’s Mastering Plugins

Lecture 56 Summary

Section 9: Bouncing and Exporting Your Project

Lecture 57 Introduction to This Section

Lecture 58 Bouncing a Single Track

Lecture 59 Bouncing a Project

Lecture 60 Creating Stems For Mixing

Lecture 61 Bouncing a Mix For Mastering

Lecture 62 Summary

Anyone who wants a better understanding of how to produce music using Logic Pro

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