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Learn To Play Piano And Keyboards Like Your Favourite Artists In 30 Days Or Less

What you’ll learn
How To Play Piano And Keyboards
How To Unlock Chords And Melodies By Ear (Ear Training)
How To Improvise On A Given Chord Progressions
Basics Of Music Theory
Basics Rules Of Composition (Tonal Harmony)

Piano, Synthesizer or Any Instrument with Keys
Reading sheet music is not a prerequisite.

Joing us Today to Start Learning “The Secrets of the Great Musicians”• We Teach You How to Play Piano & Keyboards like a Pro• Just Imagine how cool will it be like, to be able to just hear a song (any song) and immediately be able to play it – no rewinding for the 100th time, no second-guessing whether you just hit the “right note”• Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a “natural born” or “born with the ability of unlocking the melody & chords whithin a song” or “playing by ear”• We teach some very real & straightforward methods for “training your ear”, from scratch – to perfection! (This is what “Ear Training” stands for!)• Learn Bach’s Greatest Secret: “Tonal Harmony” and how to “Lead the Tones” whether you’re playing an Instrument, or Creating Music for Yourself or Others• Together, We’ll Discover The Secrets of World’s Greatest Composers – learn from us to avoid the “seemingly innocent” mistakes that distinguish amateurs from true professionals (hint: it’s called “Tonal Harmony” and this is what we’re going to teach you if you decide to sign-up with us• Tonal Harmony is something that applies to every genre of Music Today.

Who this course is for
Beginner and Advanced Musicians who Need to Brush-Up on Their Playing and Listening Skills,Beginer Musicians Who Want to Develop Their Improvising Skills on Any Given Chord Progressions,Musicians Who Want to Know About The Very Strict Rules of Creating Music (Tonal Harmony)

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