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Learn the essentials and more of how to use IZotope’s Ozone 11 to help you Master like the Pros in this Mastering Course

What you’ll learn
The Essentials and More of how to use Izotope’s Ozone
Learn How to Improve your Mastering Workflow with Ozone 11
The Ins and Outs of the Main Modules in Ozone
Learn Mastering Tricks and Tips like the Pros

You will need some experience at either music production, mixing or mastering to fully understand this course
A Copy of Ozone, preferably Ozone 11 Advanced
A Windows or Mac computer powerful enough to run Ozone

Do you want to learn how to Master Music in Ozone 11?Do you wish you knew how to use this Software to Make Great-Sounding Masters?Have you looked at Ozone before and become overwhelmed and wished you could use this software to help you Master your own music?If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the course for you!In this Ozone 11 course, you’ll learn about the different features and modules of Ozone 11 to help you make pro-level masters.JUST BE AWARE: This course is not for beginners.I only recommend taking this course if you have some experience in music production, mixing or mastering.Hi, my name is Tomas George and I’m a best-selling music production instructor with over 300,000 students on Udemy and thousands of 5-star reviews.In this course, I’ll teach you as fast and efficiently as possible how to get started using Ozone 11 to help you master your own music or tracks.In this course, I’ll cover:An Introduction to OzoneMaster Assistant and ReferencingStem Focus and Master RebalanceLook at different types of EQs in OzoneLearn How to use the Maximiser ModuleLook at the Impact and Vintage Compressor ModulesLook at the Imager Module’s Features and ControlsShow how to use the Clarity Module and Low-End Focus ModulesTalk about Saturation, including the Vintage Tape Module and Exciter ModulesCompare Vintage Modules to Modern ModulesLook at the Delta Button, Gain Match, Mid/Side, Codec and DitherAnd MoreSo if you want to learn how to use Ozone 11 to help learn how to make great-sounding masters, then be sure to join me in this class.I’ll see you in the first lecture.Cheers,Tomas

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 An Introduction to Ozone

Lecture 2 The Different Versions of Ozone 11

Lecture 3 Download the Track used in this Course

Section 2: Master Assistance, Stem Focus and Rebalance

Lecture 4 Master Assistant and Referencing

Lecture 5 Stem Focus and Master Rebalance

Section 3: Equalization or EQ

Lecture 6 Part 1 – EQ + EQ Theory – Spectral Shaper, EQ1, EQ2

Lecture 7 Part 2 – EQ – Match EQ, Stabilizer

Section 4: Limiting Tools – Maximizer Module

Lecture 8 The Maximiser Module

Section 5: Compression – Impact Module and Vintage Compressor Module

Lecture 9 The Impact and Vintage Compressor Modules

Section 6: The Imager Module

Lecture 10 Imager Module’s Features and Controls

Section 7: The Clarity Module and Low End Focus Module

Lecture 11 The Clarity Module and Low End Focus Module

Section 8: Saturation – The Vintage Tape Module and Exciter Module

Lecture 12 Saturation – Vintage Tape Module and Exciter Module

Section 9: Vintage Modules vs Modern Modules

Lecture 13 Vintage Module vs Modern Modules

Section 10: Delta Button, Mid/Side, Codec, Dither, “Learn” and Gain Match

Lecture 14 Part 1 – The Delta Button, Gain Match and Mid/Side

Lecture 15 Part 2 – Codec and Dither

Section 11: Thanks and Bye

Lecture 16 Thanks and Bye

Lecture 17 Bonus Lecture

Mixing or Mastering Engineers who want to learn the essentials and more of Ozone,Music Producers who want to learn how to Master,Mastering Engineers who want to improve their skills,Intermediate level producers who want to incorporate Ozone into their workflow

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