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Udemy Ableton Live & Music Production Tutorial For Beginners | 3.07 GB

Hi, I’m Jon Merritt from Born To Produce. On this course you will learn to make music in Ableton Live, by following along step by step, and making a complete track from start to finish. On the way, you’ll learn everything about Ableton and music production to be able to make your own music, in any genre you like.

To listen to the track you will make, please watch the ‘Course Intro Video’

This is an entirely practical way to learn how to use Ableton to make music, it’s loads of fun, and above all it’s really rewarding, as each lesson you complete gets you closer to having a complete track. You go through and make the track in exactly the same way you will do when you make your own music, so the skills you learn here can be taken and directly used when working on your own future projects.

By the time you have completed this course, you will be able to…

– Easily understand and navigate the Ableton interface
– Import sounds and make beats
– Write chord progressions & melodies (even if you have no music theory knowledge)
– Download and install incredible free instruments to use for your Ableton projects
– Use clips & grooves in Ableton
– Arrange tracks so that people don’t want to stop listening to them
– Record vocals and guitar in Ableton, including microphone setup and recording tips (all audio is provided)
– Process recorded audio to sound profressional, and mix well in your projects
– Mix a track so it sounds balanced, spacious and energetic, and understand the key attributes you need in order to repeat this in your own tracks
– Use ‘session view’ to do live performances in Ableton

how each sound was made from scratch in the free instrument Vital, for those who want to understand how to design their own sounds.

Much, much more is covered in the course, these are just the highlights.

All versions of Ableton 11 are supported

All audio, presets, MIDI, and Ableton Live Project files are included in the workfiles.

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