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Twisted Tools HYPER CIRCUIT | 203.00 MB

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Twisted Tools are thrilled to present HYPER CIRCUIT, an essential selection of drum loops from our popular LOOP EXPANSIONS sample packs. Custom tailored for the NI Marketplace, HYPER CIRCUIT features 128 drum loops geared towards music producers looking for beats that inspire in a variety of genres. PRODUCT DETAILS: SIZE: 282 MB BIT/SAMPLE RATE: 44.1 Khz / 16 Bits 32 172 BPM Loops 16 100 BPM Loops 16 128 BPM Loops 8 115 BPM Loops 8 118 BPM Loops 8 120 BPM Loops 8 123 BPM Loops 8 125 BPM Loops 8 130 BPM Loops 8 135 BPM Loops 8 140 BPM Loops HYPER CIRCUIT features a selection of sounds from the following Twisted Tools loop packs:

ION DRIVER RICHARD DEVINE BALKANSKY KILOWATTS BILLAIN LEONARD DE LEONARD CRISTIAN VOGEL SI BEGG & NEIL LANDSTRUMM ROEL FUNCKEN EVAC DUSTY FUNGUS AROVANE CHRIS CARTER SI BEGG COOH IMPORTANT NOTE: The demo songs included are from the complete sample packs and, therefore, may feature sounds that were not included in this ‘best of’ release.

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