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Solo Duduk is an ancient double reed wind instrument made from aged apricot wood. This wood is traditionally chosen for its soft pleasant feel and rich, warm resonance, perfect for creating mournful timbres and expressive dynamics that subtly mimic a wailing voice. Indigenous to Armenia, the duduk is among the very oldest double reed woodwinds, with earliest instruments made entirely out of bone or cane.

It is commonly played in pairs: while the first player performs the melody, the second holds a steady drone called dum. The sound is similar to an English horn, with a large unflattened reed and long cylindrical body. Unlike other double-reed woodwinds, the reed is quite wide, helping to give the duduk its robust, haunting sound.

In recent years, the duduk has gained popularity beyond its traditional roots, largely due to its use in film scores and modern music. Its evocative tone has captured the imagination of composers and audiences worldwide in movie soundtracks like Gladiator, The Last Temptation of Christ, Avatar, Blood Diamond, Dune, Hotel Rwanda, and many more.

Our Solo Duduk was recorded in a large hall, where we captured a variety of dynamic phrases at 120bpm. Duduk Phrases is perfect for any project that requires a soulful and emotional sound.

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