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We will begin our study by developing a foundational understanding of how healthy singing is produced. We’ll dive into the 3 systems involved in beautiful, healthy singing: the power source, air vibrations, and resonators.

Below you will find the associated PDFs and scales to help you work your way through the entire class! Once you have completed the lesson and have spent some time with the exercises, you’ll put what you’ve learned to good use by way of your class project.

This objective here is straightforward, but gets right to the point! We are here to sing after all, and I want to hear what you’ve got!

Please upload a video of yourself singing a song that you enjoy. There are no parameters on the song you choose to sing. Please choose something that showcases your skill. As you sing, pay particular attention to the 3 systems involved in beautiful singing, and be prepared to discuss how increased intention in these areas has impacted your sound.

Spoiler Alert! This is the first class in a series of 5 that culminate in a comprehensive understanding of how to sing like a pro! Stick with it and upload a song at the end of each class! It will be so much fun to look back through your videos and see how much you’ve grown!!

•Begin by working your way through the 3-part lecture.
•Refer to the attached PDFs for a summary of our study, the associated exercises, and an opportunity for targeted goal setting.
•As you practice the exercises associated with this lesson, please use the tracks included with this module.

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