Samulnori Percussion v1.5.0 KONTAKT

Samulnori Percussion v1.5.0 KONTAKT

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A Samulnori ensemble generally consists of four main instruments (samul: four things, nori: to play) Puk, Janngu, Jing and K’Kwaenggwari – each represents an element of nature:

Jing: Wind | Janggu: Rain | Puk: Clouds | K’kwaenggwari: Lightning.

In a minimal ensemble there will be just one of each, but sometimes larger groups have four or more of each instrument.
Samulnori has its roots in farmer’s music (nong-ak), and includes not only music but dancing to celebrate harvest times. The music also stems from the shamanistic tradition of utdari pungmul, which is performed on these same instruments together with singing and wind instruments. In its modern incarnation, samulnori relies solely on the four instruments featured here.

An hourglass shaped drum, each side covered with a different kind of leather. One side produces a higher pitched sound and is struck with a thin bamboo reed, the other side is played with a mallet and produces a deeper sound.

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