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Sampleson MetaPiano 1.5.0 | 63.00 MB

The piano, in whatever form, is constantly evolving into complex sampler instruments. There are countless libraries out there, and with increasing computing power, increasing RAM, and cheaper (and faster) hard drives, memory requirements in particular are getting higher. One library can take several gigabytes. Sampleson is a manufacturer that combines realistic sounding instruments with the smallest amount of memory possible. The latest product is called MetaPiano and is only 60MB.

The Japanese concert grand piano serves as a template, but the extensive recordings were not directly processed into samples, but sent to the spectral analysis instruments developed by Sampleson. A specially developed algorithm, according to the company, then “isolates” the specific characteristics for each note and the sound is generated using the Spectral Engine 2.0 every time the plug-in is played.


  • Spectral modeling is the name of this special technique, which in this case divides the sound of the piano into 64 timbre components. 
  • You should get a realistic sound with minimal memory requirements. 
  • You can evaluate how it was implemented by listening to the audio examples on the author’s website. 

Size : 63 MB


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