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Sample Logic Drum Fury Motion | 5.56 GB

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Unleash the explosive power of rhythm with DRUM FURY MOTION: a tooled-up groove machine that fuses percussive instruments and animated motion. Multi-sampled acoustic, digital, vocal and sound designed percussion brought to life through expression and flexible loop-like sequencing.
DRUM FURY MOTION is the evolution of rhythm, blurring the line between traditional percussion and modern sound design in surprising ways. Expect the extraordinary, with a stunning palette of rhythmic elements, deep and dynamically sampled with multiple mic positions and precession digital effects processing. This visionary approach, combined with a cutting edge dual-core performance engine, delivers a 6+ GB virtual instrument for Kontakt. Unleash your creativity, seize the power of rhythm, and become the ultimate beat-maker with DRUM FURY MOTION.

– 1,813 Instruments & Presets
– 6+ GB Sample Content (21,000+ audio files)
– Constructed entirely from multi-sampled acoustic, digital, world, vocal and sound design percussion
– Dual-core audio engine with Step & FX Animators
– Dynamic tag-based preset browser
– Randomize presets, sounds and parameters for instant and infinite inspiration
– Hot-swappable effects chain technology

The User Interface

Hundreds of expertly-designed presets put in the groundwork for you to start to customize the playback. Strip them down or build them up, whatever you prefer. Every preset has the potential to be infused with a staggering array of performance animations. Controlling all of these options is simple and instinctive. Use the tag-based browsing system to explore a world of percussion sounds; from conventional drum kits to multi-layered cinematic sound design. Each source, core, and multi-core preset is tagged with useful genres, themes and instruments, and can be favorited for future recall. The browser is your one-stop solution for choosing presets and playback manipulations. Access sources, cores and multi-core instrument presets and activate step animators whilst browsing and performing. Load individual core presets to blend your own dual-core instruments, or leave it to our expert designers with a pre-built starting points. Keep it simple, or construct wildly complex rhythms… this is a percussion jungle gym designed for hours of play.

Navigating the DRUM FURY MOTION interface is a straightforward experience, with logical preset construction; simple, elegant and critical to a fast workflow. Those who want to dig into customization can easily experiment with the limitless options to design instant intricate motion and progressive performances. A few tweaks go a long way, so use the Step Animator to quickly mix things up; a series of sequencers without limits for adding rhythmic flow, rolls and stutters.

Need exhilarating drums in a flash? DRUM FURY MOTION comes complete with Sample Logic’s encyclopedic randomizer. This clever window automatically generates combinations of sounds and sequences that are compelling, surprising, and most of all fun. Choose from a diverse range of parameters to combine a variety of user defined options and then let the engine lead the way. Over a dozen randomization filters deliver trillions of combinations for unexpected but delightful results… every time. The randomization engine is the perfect way to build on the presets of DRUM FURY MOTION, by selecting and filtering only the options that you want to, leading

Technical Specifications


• Full paid version of Kontakt, version 6.7.1 or higher. Will NOT work in the free Kontakt Player!
• Mac OS X 10.14, or higher, i5, 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
• Windows 10, or higher, i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
• 6.5 GB free disk space for DRUM FURY MOTION sample content

COMPATIBILITY (Mac 64-bit only; Windows 32/64-bit)

• Stand-alone (Kontakt App)
• Audio Units (AU)

DRUM FURY MOTION features 1,813 multi-sampled instruments and presets, including a 6.5 GB sample library (21,738 audio samples) using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression. All samples are delivered at 44.1kHz/24-bit.


• Acoustic – Organic

• Africa

• Asia

• Bass Drum

• Beatbox

• Bell-like

• Big – Heavy

• Bright

• Cinematic

• Clean – Natural

• Complex

• Cymbals

• Deep Sub – Low-end

• Distorted – Edgy

• Drum Set

• Echoing – Delay

• Effectual – Electronic

• Evolving

• Experimental

• Fast Motion

• Filtered

• Gong

• Hands

• Hard Attack – Punchy

• Hybrid

• Impacts

• India

• Industrial

• Kicks

• Latin

• LFO – Pulsing

• Lite

• Long – Sustained

• Marching Drums

• Metallic

• Noisy – LoFi

· Orchestral

· Panoramic

· Pitched – Tonal

· Plastic

· Scrapes – Swipes

· Sharp – Piercing

· Short – Staccato

· Simple

· Slow Motion

· Snares

· Sticks

· Sweeping

· Taikos

· Toms

· Vocal

· Wooden

· Wet – Reverberant

· Wild – Stutter


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