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Riemann Kollektion ASHRAM Worldwide Voices And Instruments 1 WAV

Riemann Kollektion ASHRAM Worldwide Voices And Instruments 1 | 486.00 MB

With this outstanding sample pack you can have the vibe of music around the world right into your DAW!

We work together with gifted musicians and producers around the world to provide highest quality sounds and samples to you.

All loops are organically recorded with different grooves and feels, so you can adapt the groove or change it according to your taste.

Inspired by DJ Dixon, Innervisions, Bedouin, Bar 25, Keinemusik, Sol Selectas, Akbal Music and trueColors, just to name a few.

Inside this sample library you can find everything you need to produce full tracks in this style on any DAW like Ableton, FL Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro or Bitwig.

The one shot samples are perfect for use in hardware samplers like Akai MPC, Elektron, MASCHINE or any software sampler.

What’s Inside:

•16 Bass Loops (Sh1)
•50 Flute Loops
•40 Arab Gold Beat Loops
•12 Bolirro Loops
•10 Conga Loops
•13 Djembe Loops
•16 Hal and Dhamal Loops
•28 Buzuki String Instrument Loops
•12 Oud Loops
•14 Rababa Loops
•23 Tanbour Loops
•06 Yukolo Loops
•39 Vocal Loops
•14 Nai Wood Wind Loops
•24 Piccolo Wood Wind Loops

•18 Djembe Oneshots
•10 Kick Drums Oneshots
•15 Mridangam Oneshots
•15 Pakhwaja Oneshots
•15 Indian Table Oneshots
•24 Various Percussion Oneshots


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How To Download - Tutorial