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Plug And Mix VIP Bundle v3.3.2.1 | 63.00 MB

Download Plug And Mix VIP Bundle v3.3.2.1

The V.I.P. Bundle is a set of 50 high-quality audio plug-ins that will help you achieve great sound in a timely manner. Each plug-in is designed to accomplish only one task, making it super quick and easy to dial in a specific effect or treatment to an audio track.

For example, if you want to add a simple phaser effect to a guitar track, simply load the P&M Phaser, try a few presets, adjust the effect with just 2 or 3 knobs and you’re done with the next track.

The V.I.P. Bundle covers the needs of any musician or sound engineer who wants to dial in a great sound, quickly!

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How To Download - Tutorial

How To Download - Tutorial