Ophidian Masterclass TUTORiAL

Ophidian Masterclass | 2.26 GB

In this Masterclass you will sit next to Ophidian in his studio while he explains exactly how he makes his tracks. Conrad is a real magician when it comes to sound design and recording organic and innovative sounds. If you love (Industrial) Hardcore music this class is your chance to learn from an absolute legend in the scene and no matter which genre you prefer, this class offers you in-depth technical insights into how to make kicks, get creative with recording your own samples, mixing organic sounds and much more harder-style music-production essentials.

Topics covered in this Masterclass
– Sound Design
– Track walkthrough
– Talking about chords and arpeggios
– Writing a melody from a chord progression
– Writing a melody based on a riff
– Mixing a kick
– Breaking down a kick
– Making a track from scratch
– How to come up with new ideas
– How to make a break
– Creating different edits and rhythms
– Using Renoise
– The importance of different rhythms

DAW: Steinberg Cubase/Renoise

– Mixing / Mastering: FabFilter Pro-Q3 | FabFilter Pro-R | Voxengo SPAN | UAD Teletronix LA-2A | Cableguys Shaperbox 2

– Effects: W.A. Production SphereDelay | Melda MAutopan | JST Sidewidener | Soundspot Halcyon | Renoise Amp Envelope | Distortion | Reverb

– Instruments: Renoise

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