Native Instruments Traktor Pro Plus v3.10.0 [Windows]

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TRAKTOR PRO Plus is an add-on subscription for existing TRAKTOR PRO users. Through this subscription, we will release an ever-growing stream of exciting new features outside of the usual major releases.

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3.10.0 _ 2023-09-13
TRAKTOR Pro 3.10.0 comes with the support of the brand-new X1 MK3 modular controller.
Users can set up the controller to meet their needs with a wide range of preference options,
including customizable visual feedback and performance button functions.

ADDED X1 MK3 integration
Plug & play support for X1 MK3 including many preferences for configuration of functional layout and visual feedback.
ADDED Improved accuracy of audible metronome
The audible metronome (beat-tick) for fine-tuning Traktor’s beat-grids now has sample-accurate precision and consistency across all playback speeds and audio settings.
ADDED CDJ-3000 rumble filter setting

An option to apply a filter that eliminates heavy bass rumble in the booth (affecting the tracking quality when controlling Traktor with the CDJ-3000) has been added to the Traktor preferences.
ADDED Show artist names on Pattern Player kit selection
The artist names of the Pattern Player kits are now shown in the selection drop-down.
FIXED Tracks bought on iTunes not showing cover
The cover artwork of tracks bought on iTunes are correctly displaying again in Traktor.
FIXED Wrong values exposed in FX group mode
The values exposed in FX group mode now correctly represent the underlying FX parameter values.
FIXED Misleading naming of mappable Favorite playlist control
The mappable Favorite playlist control is now correctly named “Append to Favorite” (was “Add folder to favorites”).

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