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Imagine a scene of rain-soaked streets, flickering neon signs, and the distant hum of traffic. The rumble and whooshing of an overhead aircraft, punctuated by the occasional, distant pop of gunfire and screeching tires. Around this dark cityscape are muffled, pulsing electronic beats, metallic clangs and whirrs, and the ominous rumble of machines in motion – paralleled with the thumps of underground rave culture hidden deep below the streets. Welcome to the dark sonic depths of Shadow City: Electronic Underworld.

This sample pack is a brainchild of Brooklyn and Boston based producers and artists M!NT and Ricky Sour. They dreamed up a cinematic exploration of the dark and moody atmosphere of a gritty, retro-future urban soundscape at night. This pack is built around an extensive collection of analog synthesizers and field recordings from New York and Boston that evokes the sound of classic cyber punk sci-fi soundtracks from the 70s and 80s.

In the pack the duo pulled from synths like the Korg Arp Odyssey, the Microkorg, the Minikorg, the Korg Monopoly, the Refx Nexus 4, the Borg Prologue and many more. You’ll hear moody arpeggios and glitched-out melodic rifts that will blur the line between nostalgia and futurism, experimental pads run through guitar pedals, and vintage amps to create a rich palette of tones and textures that range from warm and vintage, to glitchy and unsettling. These moody pallets to uncover a dark grittiness in your next sci-fi film score, electronic production, or sync placement. Dive into the pack today only on Splice.

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