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The Sound Of MADVILLA | 1.30 GB

One of the scene’s most creative and respected producers, Mixtank is delighted to welcome MADVILLA as he delivers his The Sound Of… MADVILLA’ production course. Using two new tracks ‘The Rhythm’ and ‘Kimchi’, Adriane shares some of his production secrets and breaks down his unique approach to sound design which combines to create the inimitable MADVILLA sound which is recognised worldwide.

Across eleven chapters and using a combination of hardware, plugins and VSTs, he shares the original processes he uses to create drums, basslines and melodies, as well as advanced techniques to use FX, sampling and vocals to add to the overall groove of the track.

“Kimchi” – Drums
“Kimchi” – Bass
“Kimchi” – Vocals
“Kimchi” – Random Melodies
“Kimchi” – FX
“The Rhythm” – Drums
“The Rhythm” – Bass
“The Rhythm” – Vocals
“The Rhythm” – FX
“The Rhythm” – FX & Master Buss

DAW – Ableton
Run Time – 00:52:35


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