Midilatino Platinum Mega Pack WAV MiDi

Midilatino Platinum Mega Pack | 5.12 GB

Platinum is a collection of samples and studio melodies, which were specially developed to achieve international success. In the studios and expansions within Platinum, you will NOT find melodies or filler content, each sample and element was chosen for its potential, which will help you take your productions to the next level.

In this Mega-Pack you will find a lot of inspiration and very interesting ideas, with more than 6 expansions, of which 4 include more than 250 samples with their respective midis and stems.

It should be noted that we worked on these 4 sample expansions in different music studios. Thus we managed to obtain and include more than 10 different subgenres, adding a very varied creation capacity to this Mega-Pack.

Apart from the high quality of the samples, we added 2 courses that will make you an “expert in mixing and mastering” You will also get, 2 more expansions that contain; a “Midi Pack” of all the different styles of Reggaeton and a “Loop Drum Pack” that will make you very useful when putting rhythm to your beats.

“CREATION ROOM” is the first and biggest expansion of all. In this sample pack you will find 100 melodies, very dynamic and catchy.

The samples include modern synths, vocals, and textures that add a different energy to each sample.

This collection of samples is very varied and contains a bit of everything. This expansion will take you to create instrumentals that you never thought you could achieve.

ELITE SAMPLE PACK – 50 Loops (Stems + MIDI)
“ELITE ROOM” is the most commercial Sample pack of this Mega-Pack, which will make you rediscover the roots of modern commercial Reggaeton.

With compositions much more commercial and sweet to hate. This will be the pack, which you can turn to when you want to produce something softer and gentler.

This is the most mainstream sample pack, from all points of view. You will definitely find the best of our composers in this extension.

V.I.P SAMPLE PACK – 50 Loops (Stems + MIDI)
“V.I.P SAMPLE PACK” is the third expansion and the darkest of all. In this sample pack you will find 50 melodies, very dynamic, dark and catchy.

The samples include subgenres and genres that go beyond Reggaeton, adding many varieties and options to your productions.

Perreo, maleanteo and explicit instrumentals for the street. It’s the only thing you’ll get out of this sample pack.

“ADVANCE STUDIO” this is the most interesting sample pack of all. Here you will hear styles of Midilatino that you have literally never heard.

This sample pack brings futuristic proposals about the possible transformation or mix of the reggaeton genre to something much more international.

Hyperpop, Synthwave and Retrowave are some of the genres that we include in this sample pack. Without losing the urban touch that characterizes us. All proposals that came out recently, but they are here to stay.

“GENESIS” is the only MIDI format melody library that was specifically designed to inspire you to start your beats.

This Midi Pack contains 100 melodies that will help you start your instrumentals. In addition, you can use them in your own way and style.

Our musicians took on the task of creating melodies, in different tones and emotions so that you eliminate the need to play the piano perfectly.

RHYTHM DRUM LOOPS – 30 Drum Loops + Stems
“RHYTHM” needs no explanation.

These are the 100% original Reggaeton Drum Loops and created to put the real rhythm on your instrumentals.

All 30 Drum Loops come with their stems. So you can combine and create your own batteries yourself.


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