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Klevgrand Rum v1.0.0 (MacOS) [MORiA]

Klevgrand Rum v1.0.0 | 62.00 MB

Rum simulates different kinds of rooms – from acoustically treated studio booths to spaces found in an ordinary home. Think of this plug-in as if the audio source was recorded in stereo from the other side of the room, a common technique for recording acoustic instruments in order to breathe life into a dry sound source. In addition to the ten multi-recorded rooms (with different mic settings and characters that can be cross combined) there’s an advanced stereo spread and modulation unit for even more tweakability. This plug-in also comes with low cut and high cut filters, pre-delay (with tempo sync), a full set of factory presets and a built-in ducker making it easy to tame transients on the wet signal.

* 10 different rooms with 6 variants each
* 3 different types of stereo spread algorithms
* Modulation control
* Ducker (compression) for the wet signal
* Pre-delay with tempo synchronization
* Low cut and high cut filters
* Plenty of factory presets


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How To Download - Tutorial