KeyWAV ORIGINAL All-In-One Vocal Plugin v0.1.0 Windows

KeyWAV ORIGINAL All-In-One Vocal Plugin v0.1.0 | 6.00 MB

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Introducing ORIGINAL. The ALL-In-One Vocal Plugin.
ORIGINAL packs a powerful, bold, quality sound to your vocal mixes. The all-in-one plugin provides you with the industry standard necessities for a complete vocal chain.

This includes:
(1) a Pre-Gain knob for gain staging,
(2) a DeEsser to remove harsh “sss” sounds,
(3) an Equalizer for a precise sound,
(4) a Compressor and make up gain for dynamic control, and
(5) an Exciter to enhance your vocals.

As an added bonus, there are one knob effects giving your overall vocals, a polished sound. Each parameter, fader, and knob was carefully tested, tweaked and perfected; making the user experience easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner at mixing vocals, or a professional with years of experience- ORIGINAL is created with YOU in mind.

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