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Often intimidating, invasive and powerful, it’s a sound suitable only for the most courageous sound systems and die hard dance music fanatics. With the past decade taking dance music towards a softer, slower (and safer) territory, it’s only fitting that people have decided the scene needs to have a bit of a punch in the face.

‘Concrete Aggression’ is here to provide the tightly clenched musical fist. This is dominant music made for serious dancing. It’s the sound of feet heavily stomping around in huge venues to pummeling rhythms and steel sharp synthesizers blasting from the speakers. It’s the feeling when you know you should be going home but the music is hitting harder than it was only 5 minutes prior. It’s the sound of music when it’s in the most jet black hedonistic phase, and for times when the sweat is falling from the roof like rain.

The ‘Concrete Aggression’ product comes with apocalyptic dark, gritty unwashed materials. Heavy drums, haunting sound effects, and sneer inducing bass tones that will surely help you when piecing together your soundtrack for dystopian dancing.

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