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IRRUPT Audio – Drum Dealer | 130.00 MB

You know you need it. You’re hooked on drums. You’re desperate for a healthy dose of rhythm and groove. You’re begging for a fix in the form of endless amounts of incredible percussion. All you need is a bit of bongos and hand claps to satisfy that unstoppable itch. Well, my friends – you’ve come to the right place. Introducing your new ‘Drum Dealer.’ If music is a drug, percussion is the cause of addiction. Any good music addict knows great percussion can make a track come alive. It can accentuate a groove or even become the groove.

Percussion is not just about filling the gap but about elevating it. Getting your latest groove as high as possible. ‘Drum Dealer’ brings you traditional percussion as well as future percussive elements. The traditional loops were played by professional percussionists and recorded using high-end studio microphones and the more electronic and futuristic elements are a combination of programmed beats and Korg’s famous Wavedrum with a touch of Eventide and Lexicon reverbs applied where necessary. Only the purest stuff around. We’re talking top quality, enough to truly blow your mind. Just try it out – you know you want to. Upon opening this tasteful product, you’ll get 6 Bell oriented loops, 30 futuristic loops, 18 loops that cover the lower bass-like end of the spectrum, 27 shaker loops, 25 traditional loops featuring congas, bongos darbukas and more. Last but not least, there are 18 loops that cover the logs and woods sonic spectrum. Now open this one up, and get hooked. And don’t worry, there’s enough quality stuff in this that you’ll be able to come back for more… and more.

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