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Immense Sounds Cinematic The Future Goddess Special Edition WAV MIDI

Immense Sounds Cinematic The Future Goddess Special Edition | 1.22 GB

Download Immense Sounds Cinematic The Future Goddess Special Edition

‘Cinematic The Future Goddess Special Edition’ By Immense Sounds features 10 Outstanding Cinematic Construction Kits (WAV & MIDI). This sublime pack is Inspired by all the top Fantasy & Adventures Films & Series from around the world, this pack will give your Cinematic Orchestral tracks the edge and take you to the next level in your productions, you have everything here to create your next hit with 24-Bit WAV Stems with wet & dry versions for all main parts like Brass Sus, Cello Legato/Stac, Horns Stac, Impacts, Pianos, Strings Trem/Hits/Run, Timpani, Viola Legato/Sus, Wind Legato, FX Vox Licks, Pad Sus, Choir Sus, Synth Steppers, Violins Sus, Wind & more also included are the MIDI Files For The Main Parts, Drum Loops Folder & One Shot Folders For The Percussion listen to the demo and be blown away by this top-quality pack.

“Cinematic” and “Orchestral” are often used together, especially in the context of music. “Cinematic” refers to the film-like quality that evokes specific imagery or emotional responses, much like a movie. “Orchestral,” on the other hand, refers to a type of music that involves a large ensemble of musicians playing various instruments typically found in an orchestra.

Cinematic orchestral music is a genre that blends these two elements, producing a rich, layered sound that can create intense emotion, suspense, and drama. It is commonly used in film scores, where it adds depth and enhances the narrative. These compositions often use a full orchestra, including strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion, and may also incorporate choirs or electronic elements.

Cinematic orchestral music is characterized by its dynamic range, from quiet, delicate passages to powerful, bombastic crescendos. It often follows the emotional arc of the scene it accompanies, subtly manipulating the audience’s feelings and reactions. The compositions can be sweeping and epic, melancholic and poignant, or suspenseful and thrilling, depending on the desired effect. This genre has the power to transport listeners, making them feel as if they’re part of the unfolding story, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

Product Details:
– 10 FULL Top Quality Cinematic Construction Kits
– Wet & Dry WAV Stem Files For All Main Parts
– Drum Loops Folder & One-Shot Folders For Percussion
– 655 Total Files
– 473 24-Bit WAV Files
– 182 MIDI Files
– Mixdown Demos
– All Kits Folders Named With BPM & Key-Labelled. (70 – 140 BPM)
– 1.63GB Zipped | 1.67GB Unzipped
– 100% Royalty-Free


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