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In this in-depth Yum Audio Slap video course, music production guru Thomas Cochran details for you how to process your electronic drums in style with Yum Audio’s Slap plugin – a program dedicated to easy drum enhancement or replacement. You’ll learn how to make effective use of all six powerful modules in Slap (Shape, Fat, Clap, Sub, Spray, and Clip), how to use other helpful tools like the Visualizer and Click Replacer, and more. These videos are for new Slap users.

Thomas begins by welcoming you to the course and demonstrating how to load (and save) presets, so you can quickly get started hearing some of what this plugin can do. Learn how the Visualizer works and what’s being displayed with regard to the samples. Then see how the Click Replacer can enhance the transients of your drums as well as create more unique sounds with your own samples.

Next, you’ll begin exploring each of the six effects modules in Slap, beginning with Shape. Similarly to a transient shaper, Shape provides a quick, easy way to add snap and punch to your drums without the need for compression. With the Fat module, you’ll learn how, via multi-band compression, you can add body and presence to your sounds without losing clarity. The Clap module allows you to add synthesized noise claps to any incoming audio signal, resulting in myriad sonic possibilities.

Throughout the rest of the tutorial, you’ll learn about other features, including the Sub module (adds synthesized low frequencies to a sound), the Spray module (adds ambient, subtle reverbs that don’t wash out the transients), the Clip module (adds varying degrees of distortion – from subtle to heavy distortion), the Tone & Master controls (for final general adjustments), and more. To finish out the course, Thomas demonstrates how to use various sections of the plugin to dress up a flat-sounding percussion loop.

Check out the individual Yum Audio Slap video tutorial descriptions for more information on the contents of each. If you’re struggling to make your drums sound larger than life, Slap could be the missing ingredient. With this Slap video course, you’ll be transforming those dull, lifeless sounds into something fresh and exciting in no time. Don’t suffer through another uninspired-sounding track… watch “Yum Audio Slap Explained®” today!

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