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Join plugin expert Eli Krantzberg for an in-depth look at the virtual instrument line from UJAM, featuring stellar-sounding plugins designed for easy playability and tweak-ability. You’ll get a good look at several popular instruments in the series, learning about their interfaces, different modes, parameters, MIDI capabilities, and much more. See and hear examples of these instruments in various settings, including some more creative applications, to give you an idea of what can be done with these impressive plugins. These videos are for new UJAM users.

Eli begins the course with a brief overview of the UJAM universe and a few words about the instruments covered in the series. Then it’s on to the individual plugins, beginning with BeatMaker, a genre-based collection of drum instruments. Then you’ll get a tour of Virtual Guitarist, including a rundown on the features of Sparkle 2 in Player and Instrument modes. Discover the features of USynth after that, such as how to use the Surprise button and playback modifier keys.

Next, explore the Virtual Drummer line and its various set of control parameters, along with Virtual Bassist in both Player and Instrument modes as well. Then learn all about Braaass and see how the Symphonic UJAM instruments make perfect springboards for sound design by implementing the Character, Finisher, and Motion FX parameters.

The remainder of the course covers several other topics as well, including Virtual Pianist, micro timing and sync (for creating variations in fills and altering feel, among other uses), MIDI export, Instrument mode (combining DAW functions with Instrument mode for creating unique parts), and creative explorations (sampling, filtering, modulation phrases, etc.), and more!

By the end of this UJAM video course, you’ll be ready to create entire tracks with nothing more than UJAM instruments. Check out the individual UJAM Instruments video tutorial descriptions for more information and ideas on how to incorporate these plugins into your workflow. Inspiration awaits! Watch “UJAM Instruments Explained®” today!

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