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If you’re looking for vintage, analog synth tones in a softsynth package, UAD’s PolyMAX will fit the bill and then some. In this PolyMAX video course, synth expert Eli Krantzberg will take you on a comprehensive tour of this stellar-sounding instrument and show you how you can achieve all the warm, thick analog goodness you want in no time at all. You’ll learn the ins and outs of every component – from the oscillators, filter, and envelopes to the arpeggiator, effects, and more. By the time you’re through, you’ll be ready to start designing your own sounds to feature in your next production right away! These UADx PolyMAX videos are for new PolyMAX users.

Eli starts off with an overview of the synth’s layout and signal flow, so you’ll quickly get up to speed with the basics and know where everything is located. Then it’s on to the heart of the synth, the oscillators, where you’ll learn about the different waveforms available, the FM and Sync functions, noise sources, and more. The all-important envelopes are covered after that, where you’ll learn how to shape your sound over time.

Next, explore the filter and the many options you have for sculpting the sound to your liking in typical analog fashion, including the pole selection, filter type (hi-pass, low-pass, band-pass), resonance, envelope amount, and more.

There’s plenty more to learn as well, such as the Output section (stereo imaging, unison stacking, mono/legato/glide, etc.), mod wheel control (assignable to vibrato, filter cutoff, etc.), Arpeggiator (for creating rhythmic sequences), Effects (spring reverb, tape delay, etc.), and more! To round out the course, follow along as Eli builds several sounds from scratch, including drum, synth bass, keys, pad, and pluck sounds, so you can see how it’s done. Then you’ll hear all the parts together in a final playthrough of the song.

Vintage fans will fall in love with PolyMAX, and this PolyMAX course will teach you how to quickly and efficiently dial in the sound you want right away. Whether it’s lush pads, punchy basses, or searing leads and more, you’ll learn how to create them all. Check out the PolyMAX video tutorial descriptions for more information on the contents of each. Don’t settle for just scrolling through presets… watch “UADx PolyMAX Synth Explained®” now and take full command of this instrument’s potential!

What You Will Learn:

-Basic layout of interface and oscillator parameters

-Envelope parameters (attack, decay, sustain, release, vel) and filter controls

-Output section options (stereo imaging, unison stacking, glide, legato, etc.)

-Mod wheel assignment and Arpeggiator functionality

-Sound design demonstration for several different patches (drums, bass, keys, pads, pluck)

-And more!

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