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Studio expert Larry Holcombe presents a comprehensive series of video tutorials on mastering disco house tracks with stems! If you’ve been curious about how mastering with stems can improve the sound of your disco house tracks, this is the course to watch. Larry walks you through each step of the process, demonstrating effective and creative uses of compression, effects processing, tape saturation, EQ, harmonic excitation, and more. You also get all the stems so you can follow along on your system! These videos are for those new to mastering with stems.

Larry welcomes you and begins by showing how to properly export stems from the demo track, so even if you’ve never worked with stems before, you’ll be up to speed. Then you’ll learn how stems can be processed in various ways, including time-stretching and other effects like reverb, flanging, and others.

In the videos Larry uses 3rd party plug-ins such as Waves NLS Bus, Waves MV2, Kramer Tape and SSL Comp, Fabfilter Pro-C2 and Pro-Q3, iZotooe Vintage Tape, Exciter, Imager, Maximizer, and Ozone 9, Native Instruments Vari Comp and Soundtheory Gulfoss, but many of the techniques shown can also be done with your stock DAW plug-ins.

Next, explore how channel strip emulation and tape saturation can be employed to add drive and character to the track. Also discover how pre-mastering bus compression can hype up the mix and enhance the groove by using musical release times.

Throughout the rest of the course, Larry focuses on the mastering work, creating a custom chain for the track including EQ, parallel compression, and harmonic excitation. Then he finishes off with some stereo image processing, digital clipping, and maximization. Compare the before and after results to hear the incredible difference!

To see exactly what these in-depth stem mastering tutorials contain, and how they’ll help transform your disco house tracks with effective mastering techniques and strategies, see the individual Stem Mastering Disco House video tutorial descriptions on this page. Don’t settle for lackluster masters of your disco house tracks… watch “Stem Mastering Disco House Explained®” now!

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