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If endless knob-twisting isn’t your thing, then Softube’s Statement Lead is for you. In this Statement Lead video course, synth expert Thomas Cochran shows you how to get amazing tones from Statement Lead in no time, so you’ll be ready when that next great idea hits. But you’ll also learn how to go deep with the features that allow you to tweak the carefully curated presets when necessary, so that each sound fits your mix like a glove. From selecting and/or layering the source sounds to the filter, modulation possibilities, effects, and more, it’s all here. By the end of this Statement Lead course, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to go from zero to wow(!) in a flash. These videos are designed for new Statement Lead users.

Thomas kicks things off with a brief overview of the synth, its capabilities, and its basic design, followed by a look at the preset menu and its organization. Then you’ll learn how to select your source sound(s) and blend them together via the mixer, forming the basis of your tone. Thomas demonstrates the filter’s features next, including the filter envelope, which allows your sound to change over time in interesting ways.

Next, Thomas covers the Modulation Sequencer, with which you can create complex movements by applying it to both the filter and/or amplitude. The Tone section comes next, where you have the ability to add distortion, pitch shifting, and other types of movement to your sound. Finally, you’ll discover the possibilities that lie within the Effects section, where you can add the final touches that really make your patches come to life. To bring things to a close, Thomas shows you how to build two useful patches (Lead and Pad) from scratch, so you can see just how it’s done.

Statement Lead is designed to cut down on the endless menu-diving and parameter-twiddling of overcomplicated synths, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t versatile and powerful. With this course, you’ll learn how to do it all, whether that’s simply finding the right preset for the job or spending some time tweaking a sound until it’s just right. Check out the individual Softube Statement Lead video tutorial descriptions for more info and ideas on how you can use this powerful instrument in your own productions. Make your own musical statement… Watch “Softube Statement Lead Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:

-Basic design and layout of the synth along with how to navigate and organize presets

-Selecting source sounds and layering/mixing them to form the basis of your patch

-Adjusting the tone via the filter and Tone sections

-Adding effects and modulation to further dress up your sounds

-And more!

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