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Join synth expert Thomas Cochran for a deep look at Softube’s Model 82, a virtual emulation of the Roland SH-101 monophonic synth that appeared on so many house tracks from the 90s. In this Softube Model 82 video course, you’ll learn about synthesis in general along with all the specifics of the Model 82, from the oscillators and envelopes to the filter, LFO, arpeggiator, and more. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be ready to decorate your next production with the Model 82’s sonic goodness. These Model 82 video tutorials are designed for new Model 82 users.

Thomas welcomes you to the course and then walks you through the synth’s basic architecture before explaining the Presets menu so you can save, recall, and organize your presets with ease. Then it’s on to the VCO, where you’ll learn about the different types of oscillator waveforms available and how to layer and blend them together in the Source Mixer.

Next, explore the VCF (voltage-controlled filter) and hear how the unique sound of this aggressive-yet-smooth filter provides the synth with much of its character. Thomas follows this with a look at the ENV section, explaining how the setting for the envelopes affects how the sound is affected over time.

There’s more as well, including modulation (using the LFO, etc.), advanced controls (the arpeggiator, sequencer), expanded view (for additional parameters), and more. The course finishes with three sound design tutorials—Pad, Bass, and Lead—where you get to see and hear each sound being built from scratch!

If you’re a fan of the Roland SH-101 and have purchased the Softube Model 82 to get those famous sounds, you have to see this Model 82 course! There’s no better way to learn all the ins and outs of this instrument quickly and have fun while doing it. See the individual Softube Model 82 video tutorial descriptions for more information and ideas on how you can incorporate it into your own productions. Get ahead of the learning curve for this synth in a flash… Watch “Softube Model 82 Explained®” today!

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