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Join production expert Eli Krantzberg for a detailed look at Session Bassist ICON BASS from Native Instruments. In this comprehensive Session Bassist ICON BASS video course, you’ll learn all about the features, sounds, and possibilities with this amazing virtual bass instrument, including the built-in MIDI patterns, sound customization, effects, special articulations, and more! Eli leaves no stone unturned, so you’ll be completely in command of all this instrument has to offer and ready to start using it on your very next production. These videos are for new Session Bassist ICON BASS users.

After welcoming you to the course, Eli gives you a brief flyover of Session Bassist ICON BASS so you’ll know moving forward the layout of the interface and the location of all the relevant components. Then it’s on to triggering patterns, where you’ll see how key switch notes can be used to trigger different patterns in real time, which can be a great way to lay down an entire bass track quickly and easily. Then you’ll discover the different parameters for controlling playback, which allow you to add humanization or a swing feel, apply a different feel, and more.

Next, explore the various ways for creating your own bass part from scratch, which can incorporate open strings, muted notes, harmonics, slap/pop technique, and other elements used by real bass players all the time. Eli then shows you how to combine patterns with your own parts, a popular workflow for those wanting to get the bulk of a part laid down quickly but then fine-tune certain parts with custom detail.

There’s lots more as well, including song/pattern browser (generating smart search results, etc.), customizing patterns (tweaking a built-in pattern to make it perfectly suit your needs), sounds of the bass (blending DI and mic signals, adjust string dampening, tuning, and more), timing and MIDI export, processing the sound (using the on-board effects and amp models), and more! Eli finishes the course with a few useful tips and ideas for adding additional realism and generating solid bass lines.

It’s incredible what this virtual instrument can do, and after watching this Session Bassist ICON BASS video course, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of its creative potential. Whether you just want to work with the included patterns, record your own parts in real time, or craft the perfect bass line with surgical precision, it’s all here. Check out the individual Session Bassist ICON BASS video tutorial descriptions to get a better idea of what’s included and for further inspiration. Don’t let a weak low end ever plague you again… watch “Session Bassist ICON BASS Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:

-Basic layout of interface and Session Bassist infrastructure

-Working with patterns (triggering with key switches, customizing, combining with recorded parts, etc.)

-Creating your own parts (real time, step time, patterns or live, etc.)

-Customizing bass sound (mic/DI signal blend, amp and FX models, articulations, etc.)

-Timing and MIDI Export tips (ensuring your key switch or trigger notes are in the right place, etc.)

-And much more!

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