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Join veteran Groove3 instructor Larry Holcombe for a deep dive into Serato Studio, the new DAW built from the ground up with beatmakers in mind. In this Serato Studio video course you’ll learn all about the incredible features like stem separation, audio manipulation, and more that make creating beats quick, intuitive, and easy. Larry will take you through all the various components of this DAW and illustrate their function with many musical examples so you’ll be ready to get started right away. These Serato Studio videos are designed for new Serato Studio users.

Larry begins with a brief overview of the interface so you’ll know how everything is laid out before getting into the details. Then you’ll learn about the Application and Project toolbars, which are used to control various aspects of your session like quantization, bouncing, key, tempo, etc. It’s on to the Sample Deck after that, which is used to play back cues with pads or a MIDI keyboard, slice them, manipulate them (reverse, attack/release settings, etc.), and more.

Next, explore the Drum Deck, which allows you to program your own beats and control such parameters as attack, release, pitch, tempo, EQ, and others. The Instrument Deck is then covered, where you’re able to select sounds from the built-in Serato library and make use of helpful features like Auto Chords to create parts. Larry then demonstrates the Plugin Deck, where you can select from a multitude of VST or AU effects for use in your session.

Throughout the rest of the course, the remaining features and functions are covered, including audio tracks, the Scene Player (a powerful arranging tool), the Song view, the Library (using crates and smart crates), Mixer view (individual channel controls), automation, content packs (regularly updated from Serato), projects/export options, loop record, and more!

If you’re a beatmaker or aspire to be one, Serato Studio is your one-stop shop. And this Serato Studio video course will teach you everything you need to know to start creating amazing beats right away. See the individual Serato Studio video tutorial descriptions for more information and other features included in this unique DAW. Get to work on your next beat before the inspiration fades… watch “Serato Studio Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:

-Organization of interface and toolbars

-Sample Deck, Instrument Deck, Drum Deck, and Plugin Deck functionality

-Arranging your elements into a song with Scene Player

-Using effects and automation, recording audio, triggering/manipulating samples

-And much more!

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