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Newfangled Audio has made a name for themselves in the plug-in world for their fresh, musical approach to standard mixing and mastering effects. In this lengthy, comprehensive Newfangled Audio video course, Groove3 instructor Alberto Rizzo Schettino covers all the bases and teaches you how to achieve professional-sounding mixes using five of their plug-ins: Invigorate, Elevate, EQuivocate, Punctuate, and Saturate. You’ll learn fresh approaches for transient design, saturation, limiting, and much more. These videos are designed for users with a basic familiarity of signal flow and mixing with plug-ins.

Alberto begins by welcoming you and discussing what he’ll be covering in this course, including a brief rundown of the plug-ins featured and what makes them unique. Then, you’ll get a detailed look at Invigorate, where you’ll learn how its unique approach to bus compression allows you to add energy, overdrive, and glue to your mix at will.

Next, explore the world of Elevate, a mastering limiter designed and modelled after the way the human ear hears and processes music. Follow along as Alberto leaves covers every detail of this plug-in and shows you how to master the many groundbreaking features this limiter has to offer.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn about three other plug-ins as well, including EQuivocate (a precise, natural-sounding EQ), Punctuate (intelligent transient shaper), and Saturate (spectral clipper and psychoacoustic overdrive). In each tutorial, you’ll hear plenty of musical examples to demonstrate the sound and function of each effect in context, so you’ll have an excellent idea of what these incredible tools can achieve.

These Newfangled Audio production tools are extremely powerful and versatile, and this course will show you how to make full use of their sonic potential and transform your mixes like never before. For more information on the contents of each Newfangled Audio video, check the individual descriptions below. There’s no reason to suffer dull, lackluster sounds any longer… watch “Newfangled Audio: The Masterclass” today!

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