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If you’re ready to start getting away from the mouse in Logic Pro, then the Nektar Panorama CS12 is a great place to start. In this Nektar Panorama CS12 video course, Logic Pro guru Eli Krantzberg takes you on a deep tour of the Panorama CS12, showing you how you can get that tactile analog feeling while working in Logic Pro without sacrificing any of the powerful digital editing features we’ve all grown to love. Whether it’s basic playback or navigational functionality, or taking complete control of any plugin (native to Logic or not), you’ll learn it all here! These Nektar Panorama CS12 videos are designed for new Panorama CS12 users.

After welcoming you to the course, Eli takes you through the process of installing and setting up the unit for use with Logic Pro, including firmware updates, the Control Core software, and more. Then learn how to control the basic functions of a channel strip, such as selection, volume, panning, solo/mute, record arming, etc. Also, see how the fader and pan knob can control (or automate) any selected parameter on any plugin or instrument.

Next up, Eli discusses transport controls (playback, metronome, record, etc.), track selection navigation with the Data knob, setting locate points, etc., followed by a look at using the Function buttons in conjunction with the Shift button and Data knob. You’ll also see how to quickly zoom and navigate around your session with the Zoom and Tempo knobs.

Throughout the remainder of the course, you’ll learn about all the other features, such as markers (creating, deleting, navigating, etc.), basic plugin control (inserting them, navigating multi-page layouts, bypassing, etc.), smart controls and sends (opening/closing software instruments with the Channel button, setting up send slots with the Send button, and more), custom plugin-mapping (setting up control of plugin parameters with color-coded knobs on the Panorama), automation (creating various types of automation directly from the Panorama), controlling VIs and MIDI FX, custom key commands (repurposing the ten marker buttons for your own chosen commands), and more!

This Nektar Panorama CS12 course is the best and fastest way to learn about all the incredible functionality the Panorama CS12 has to offer. By the end, you’ll be ready to start implementing the unit in your very next production with confidence and efficiency, enabling you to achieve the workflow you want quickly. Check out the individual Nektar Panorama CS12 video tutorial descriptions for more information on how this controller can improve your engineering experience with Logic Pro. You don’t have to be a slave to your mouse. Watch “Nektar Panorama CS12 Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:

-How to setup Panorama CS12 for use in Logic Pro, including firmware updates, software installation, and more

-Controlling basic channel strip functionality with the CS12 (track selection, volume, panning, arming, solo/mute, etc.) as well as navigation and transport functions (zooming, playback, FF/RW, scrolling, using markers, etc.)

-Accessing a host of specialized features using the Data knob and Shift button with the Function buttons

-Mapping knobs and buttons to any plugin parameter for complete hands-on control

-And more!

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