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George Massenburg is synonymous with excellence in the audio world, and in recent years, following the fame of their hardware, George Massenburg has funded “Massenburg Design Works” (MDW), with which he has realized two ground-breaking plugins whose features and quality are as outstanding as the analog hardware on which they’re based. In this MDW video course, production wizard Alberto Rizzo Schettino takes you on a deep dive into MDW’s two flagship plugins: the DRC2 compressor and the EQ6 parametric EQ. These MDW videos are designed for new Massenburg DesignWorks users.

Alberto begins with a quick overview of MDW and its plugin collection, including a bit of background on the man himself, George Massenburg. Then it’s on to the EQ6, an extremely powerful and incredibly musical-sounding parametric EQ that’s modeled after the legendary GML 8200 hardware parametric EQ. Usable on literally any audio signal, from recording to mixing and mastering, you’ll learn all the parameters and hear Alberto use it on strings, percussion, and more.

After that, it’s time to explore the DRC2, an unbelievably transparent compressor based on the GML 8900 hardware unit that will make you rethink what’s possible with a compressor. Alberto will break down all the controls and parameters so that you understand exactly how to get the sounds you want quickly and easily. Then follow along as he demonstrates the DRC2 in use on numerous sources, including piano, synths, percussion, and more.

These incredible plugins from MDW can truly reshape your perception of audio processing, and with this Massenburg DesignWorks Plugins video course, you’ll learn exactly how to get the most out of them quickly and easily. By the time you’re done with the course, you’ll be ready to start employing both plugins in your very next production like a pro, and your mixes will thank you for it!

See the individual Massenburg DesignWorks Plugins video tutorial descriptions for more information on what these amazing tools can do for you. It’s time to rethink EQ and compression… Watch “Massenburg DesignWorks Plugins Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:

-Basic interface layout and functionality for both plugins

-How to make use of the EQ6 parametric EQ on virtually any source – from tracking and mixing to mastering and more – to enhance/repair/sweeten your tracks like never before

-Using the DRC2 Dynamic Range Controller to set your tracks apart with its uncommonly musical attack and transparency

-And more!

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