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After welcoming you to the course, Larry starts by discussing the background of the plugin and providing a brief tour of the Opus software, which is used to load the plugin. Then he begins looking at the various features, beginning with the Vowel and Consonant instruments, with which you can adjust various dynamic layers to enhance the emotional aspects of the performance. The Combo Mod instruments are covered next, which contain sounds that can be switched or cross-faded via the mod wheel or other methods.

Next, explore the Solo Phrases, which can add melodic phrases organized by the root key, followed by the Keyswitch instruments, which allow for various articulations triggered by low-register left-hand notes while playing vowels, consonants, or single phrases in the right hand.

Other topics throughout the rest of the course include Wordbuilder Phrases (a large collection of common lyric phrases), Wordbuilder controls (resetting a phrase’s start point and more), Wordbuilder time editor (allows the fine-tuning of the length of each syllable within a phrase), Text modes (for creating custom lyrics that you can type in with English or phonetic alphabets), Player tab (access to envelope, articulation pane, stereo double, and mix/master sections), and more!

If you’re looking for a way to add professional-sounding backing vocals to your productions without budgeting for pro singers, Hollywood Backup Singers has you covered. And there’s no way to learn how to effectively use the plugin than with this tutorial! See the individual Hollywood Backup Singers video descriptions for more information about the impressive capabilities of this plugin and how you can incorporate it into your workflow. World-class backing vocals are now within your grasp… watch “Hollywood Backup Singers Explained®” today!

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