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In this Goodhertz Plugin video course, production expert Thomas Cochran shares with you several tips and ideas for getting excellent results with Goodhertz plugins, including ways to achieve vintage flavor, more separation or clarity, quick, effective mixing, and more! If you’re looking for new ways to add vibe and color to your tracks—not to mention tackle some pesky problems—you’re in the right place! These Goodhertz plugin videos are designed for those with basic production experience.

Thomas begins by focusing on drums, first demonstrating how to transform a basic acoustic drum track into a vintage-sounding break with the Vulf compressor, an idea that can be used on all sorts of drum sounds or tracks. Then, you’ll hear how the Tupe plugin can add saturation and fullness to drums that sound weak or anemic.

Next, you’ll discover some tips on quickly mixing percussion tracks with Tiltshelf EQ, which will allow you to layer various parts efficiently and confidently. The next step is a look at melodic instruments, where Thomas shows how the Lossy plugin can assist with track separation so that your melodies are audibly audible.

There are plenty more tips to come, including adding texture with reverb (using Megaverb), better layering in your mix (with Lossy), quickly mixing synths (with Tone Control), adding texture and depth to the mix (with Megaverb and Tupe), adding fullness to busses (with Tupe and the Vulf compressor), creating lo-fi keys textures (with the Faraday limiter and Wow Control), and more!

The Goodhertz plugin collection provides tools to handle many common production duties, for sure, but with this course, you’ll learn how to go the extra mile and get even more use out of them in several different scenarios. Check out the individual Goodhertz Plugins video tutorial descriptions for more information and to see how else you can make use of these tips in your own productions. Don’t miss out on these important time-saving and inspiring ideas… watch “Goodhertz Plugins Tips & Tricks” today!

What You Will Learn:

-How to add vintage vibe to drums with the Vulf compressor
-Ideas for easier instrument layering with Lossy
-Creating texture with reverb and distortion using Megaverb
-Fast, effective mixing ideas with Tiltshift EQ and Tone Control
-And more!

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