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In this extensive Electric Keys – Tines Duo video course, VI guru Eli Krantzberg takes you on a deep dive into this virtual emulation of a pair of coveted electric pianos that feature an impressive array of additional sound-shaping features. You’ll learn every parameter and component of both the Diamond and Phoenix models, including the various sound sources (virtual mics and direct pickups), built-in effects, macros, and more! These Electric Keys Tines Duo videos are designed for new users of Electric Keys – Tines Duo.

Eli begins the course with an overview of the course contents and a brief tour of the interface, so you’ll be familiar with where things are located as you progress through the various topics. Following this, you’ll learn how to navigate the Preset Browser, including searching strategies, filtering, and saving and organizing your own presets.

Next, explore the tonal variations available by mixing various sound sources in the instrument, such as the miked sound and the direct pickups, along with the Shape, Tone, and Noise sections in the Instrument page. Then it’s on to the FX page, where you’ll discover how to set up various signal flow chains for the included effects as well as routing options for the pickup and mic signals, preamp section, and more.

Over the rest of the Electric Keys – Tines Duo course, you’ll learn about the remaining features, including Preamp and Convolution FX (preamp/speaker choice, etc.), creative FX use (wah, freak, and pysche delay), post-processing FX (separate FX chain with compression, EQ, delay, and reverb), macros (assigning various parameters to knobs for easy adjustment), the Settings panel (for control of various playback parameters), automation (assigning knobs and/or sliders to control the macros), and more!

If you’re looking to incorporate Electric Keys – Tines Duo into your rig, this course is a must. There’s simply no quicker or easier way to learn all you need to know about this awesome instrument! By the time you’re through, you’ll be ready to start adding tracks to your very next song. Check out the individual Electric Keys Tines Duo video tutorial descriptions for additional info. A wealth of electric piano textures awaits… Watch “Electric Keys – Tines Duo Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:

-Layout of interface and organization of Preset Browser (searching, filtering, saving)

-How to achieve a wide range of tones by blending the mic and pickup signals and manipulating the Shape, Tone, and Noise parameters on the Instrument page

-Setting up various routing chains for effects and the mic/pickup signals, bypassing the preamp section, selecting different preamp/speaker combinations, etc.

-Enhancing the raw tones via creative and post-processing effects like wah, freak, compression, EQ, delay, reverb, etc.

-And more!

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