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Join veteran Groove3 instructor Larry Holcombe for a detailed look at EastWest’s Voices of Soul, an expressive vocal instrument plugin with a huge range of vocal samples for use in your productions. In this EastWest Voices of Soul video course, you’ll learn how to work with the various types of phrases and instruments of the plugin, how to create chords, use keyswitches, and much more. This video is for new Voices of Soul users.

Larry begins by welcoming you and first familiarizing you with the Opus plugin, which is used to load the Voices of Soul plugin. Then it’s on to the plugin’s many features, beginning with the sustain articulations, which allow you to inject dynamic expression, among other things. Discover how the legato instruments are used for creating various articulations depending on playing technique.

Next, Combo Mod instruments are covered, which allow for varied syllables by way of velocity and mod wheel manipulation. Discover then how the Mod XFade chords allow you to fade between dynamic layers, allowing you to move from soft to loud articulations, for example.

Plenty of other topics are included as well, such as phrases (long, short, mapping), keyswitch instruments (changing articulations, phrases, syllables, and more), Player tab (performance scripts, MIDI CC, envelope, articulation pane, stereo double), expression pedal integration (controlling loudness for more dynamics), and more. You’ll also hear Larry try out various Voices to Soul instruments on an old school loop so you can hear the plugin in action!

If you’re ready to start dressing up your productions with vocals you need this Voices of Soul video course! Not only will you learn to work effectively and quickly with the virtual instrument, you’ll also gain inspiration for use in your own tracks. Check out the descriptions of the individual Voices of Soul video tutorials for more information and ideas on how you can incorporate this amazing virtual instrument into your own workflow. Learn to harness the power of this evocative instrument… watch “EastWest Voices of Soul Explained®” today!

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