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D16’s Silverline plug-ins represent some of the best-sounding effects available for a wide range of applications. In this D16 plugin video course, however, production expert Larry Holcombe shows you how to broaden that range even further by getting creative and thinking outside the box to generate some unique sounds. By the end of this D16 production course, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for experimentation and a thorough knowledge of these tools and their capabilities. These D16 videos are designed for users with a basic familiarity with the types of plug-ins found in the D16 Silverline collection.

Larry kicks off the course by showing how to create a distorted reverb using Spacerek, Devastor 2, Tekturon, and Toraverb 2 to really turn the listener’s head. Then you’ll see how to spice up a dance track arrangement with a filtered flange effect using Antresol and Godfazer with its envelope-following filter.

Next, discover how to liven up a keyboard track with chorus from Syntorus 2, tremolo from Godfazer, and EQ, limiting, and preamp distortion from Redopter 2. This is followed by a demonstration in which Larry mangles a house drum loop by throwing the kitchen sink at it: delay, bit-crushing, flange, and reverb with Tekturon, Decimort 2, Antresol, and Spacerek, respectively.

You’ll learn several other ideas throughout the rest of the course, such as layered saturation and distortion (on a bassline), a slap/chorus effect (for adding stereo width to a vocal, etc.), and filtered drums with a pitch-shifter shimmer verb (to create a dub-style echo effect).

If you already use D16’s Silverline plug-ins, then you know how great they sound. With this D16 plugin video course, you’ll learn many different ways of getting even more sounds from them while having a lot of fun in the process. Check out the individual D16 Silverline Series video tutorial descriptions for more information on all the amazing effects you can get from these plug-ins. Your imagination is the limit… Watch “D16 Silverline Series: Getting Creative” now!

What You Will Learn:

-Creating distorted reverb with Spacerek, Devastor 2, Tekturon, and Toraverb 2

-How to liven up your dance track with a filtered flange using Godfazer and Antresol

-Mangling a house drum loop with delay, bit-crushing, flange, and reverb

-Making a pitch-shifted shimmer verb effect for a filtered, limited drum track

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